Magento – How to check why a product is not displaying on the site

Working with Magento e-commerce store you can encounter the issue with missing products. For example, you added product to some category and it’s not displaying at the frontend.

Let’s check what could cause such issue.

Product settings
1) First of all, open Magento admin panel and go to the Catalog > Manage Products section. Click the product in the listing to open the product settings page;

2) In the General tab check that the Status is set to Enabled and that in Visibility Catalog or Catalog, Search is selected;

3) Click the Inventory tab and make sure Qty value is not 0. Also the Stock Availability option should be set to In stock

4) In the Website tab check if the needed store is selected for the product display;

5) If the product is not displaying on the category page, check if it assigned to the needed one(s) in the Categories tab. In some cases you will need to re-assign them.

Cache and product index

When you are done editing the product settings, you may need to clear Magento cache and re-index data.

Missing new products

If you have issue with missing products in the New Products block, make sure you added them correctly.